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Over the years, Renovation Solutions has rebuilt scores of homes from top to bottom, built additions and constructed new homes.  Our designers work with you to optimize your space to meet your style and functional needs.




Renovation Solutions has built both traditional and contemporary new homes. We work together with our clients to come up with the design that matches their lifestyle and maximizes the space with both functionality and visual desirability in mind. 


Kitchens have come a long way from utilitarian rooms to central gathering places that express our personal style. We at Renovation Solutions love working with our clients in designing and building dream kitchens. Even small spaces can be made gourmet quality.



Bathrooms have historically been seen as small functional spaces where we just take care of business. Today we demand more – we want our bathroom to be a comfortable, stylish oasis.


Our designers often make changes an inexperienced eye simply cannot see. We can convert any bathroom, whether it is a huge master suite or the typical 8x5 hall bath, into something you will be proud to show off and enjoy during your daily routine.


Basements are often underutilized and unfinished. If finished in the past, basements are often constructed with outdated materials and floor plans that do not maximize the space available. A basement is often a musty undesirable space waiting to be turned into a warm, bright comfortable room for your family to enjoy. A combination of water management, insulation, carpeting and design can make your basement your go-to spot  for family relaxation. It may also provide the extra space you need for a growing family.